7 Best Small Travel Trailers with Slide Out That’s very Comfortable

Best Small Travel Trailers with Slide Out

Going for camping trips with family or friends is no doubt one of the best ways of exploring the beautiful outdoors and creating amazing memories.

However, to do it right and really enjoy optimum comfort, you’ll need a reliable travel trailler that offers all the conveniences of a home as well as the most flexibility. Small travel trailers with slide out are certainly one of the ideal options in the market today.

However, considering that there are hundreds of options out there, choosing one can be overwhelming and confusing. Gosh, I have been there and I understand very well how challening it can be without the right information.

So, which are the best small travel trailers with slide out?

  • Forest River R-Pod 190 Travel Trailer
  • Lance 1575 Travel Trailer
  • KZ Escape Mini Travel Trailer
  • Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer
  • Palomini 182SK Travel Trailer
  • Rockwood Geo Pro 19 FBS Travel Trailer
  • Keystone RV Passport 2400BH Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer

After spending several days researching and checking what users in different forums have to say, these 7 small travel trailers with slide out stand out as the best amongst a plethora of options that I went through.

They are quite compact on the road but very capable of providing the space as well as amenities you would find in most camping trailers. Plus, their compactness make them much easier to tow. They are really worth considering if you are thinking of getting one.

So, read on and hopefully, you will find here the right option that will suit all your needs.

1. Forest River R-Pod 190 Travel Trailer

The Forest River RP-190 indeed pops up as one of the best small travel trailers with a slide out that’s not only convenient but also very comfortable for living as well as camping. 

While it has a clean, basic design and a small footprint, it comes packed with a lot of great features and amenities.

At only 20.4-inches long from hitch to pumper, it may look compact but once you get inside, you will appreciate the spacious layout it has especially with the slide-out opened up.

The unit features a single electric slide that works with a push button and it can be manually pushed in which is a big plus should it ever fail.

All the kitchen amenities are within the slide which include an under-mount sink, a recessed cook top with two burners and a flush mount glass cover, a 3-way gas/electric refrigerator and a convectional microwave.

The slide out is fairly spacious to give you enough room to move about and has a couple of full extending ball bearing drawer guides below the cooktop that offer ample storage space.

A long the back is an equally spacious u-shaped dinette where you can enjoy meals. It has a removable table that goes up and down and a comfortable sofa. It can double as a bed if needed.

At the front section of this model is a queen bed. It’s a tight space, but quite sufficient to accommodate the occupant comfortably.

There is a hanging closet with three pull-out drawers just besides the refregerator and next to the bed that give you plenty of storage space for your clothes.

This unit also features a nice bathroom area with foot-lush toilet and an ABS tub surround with shower curtain that comes around. Inside the bathroom are storage cabinets, medicine cabinet and sink with hot and cold water.

Is that all? Well, not quite so. This unit offers plenty of extra storage space along the exterior part both in front and the back to accommodate all the necessary camping items you may want to bring along.

Furthermore, with independent suspension and axle risers for extra ground clearance, this trailer can go just about anywhere with less bouncing and hoping that often destroys most other trailers.

Generally, for anyone looking for a simple yet comfortable and convenient small travel trailer with slide out that’s capable of giving you that at-home feel without much fuss, then this R-pod 190 by Forest River is an ideal choice.

2. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Although they are commonly known for truck campers, Lance has an impressive selection of small travel trailers with side out and their 1575 model certainly doesn’t disappoint either.

It’s an incredibly high quality travel trailer that’s built to make companing trips or Rving much easier through a compact yet very comfortable design. On top of that, it comes loaded with several nice features.

Like most small-sized travel trailers, the exterior of this Lance 1575 model looks quite compact but when you get inside with the slide open, it’s spacious enough to comfortably accommodate a small family of four.

The slide-out consists of a u-shaped booth dinette with a nice big table. The seat has big cushions that are just firm enough to make the dinette very comfortable to sit on. You can even convert into a bed or sleeping space.

One of my best thing in owning a travel trailer is that you are able to prepare those amazing and healthy, home cooked meals whenever you want wherever you are. That only happens when you have a trailer with a great floorplan and all the necessary appliances.

The Lance 1575 offers just that. It has an innovative design that gives you a full kitchen with all the amenities and essential appliances needed plus enough functional space to move around and make your meals.

It even comes with 3-burner stove with oven when most other trailers only have a microwave and drawer. There’s a cabinet kitchen storage above the sink.

The bathroom is a tight space but offers complete privacy. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a sink. It would have been awesome to have a nice mirror there.

Now the most important part of any camping or Rving experience is sleep and you can’t have an enjoyable vacation without a good night’s rest.

This Lance travel trailer features a comfortable queen size bed that allows you to sleep soundly through the night. Next to the bed is a closet area with a section for handing things and more storage below it for clothes.

You will get to also enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies right from your bed with the built in television mounted up on the feet-side of the bed. It can swivel to give you a perfect view from anywhere.

If you are looking for a lot of storage space, you will really be impressed with what the 1575 offers. Under the bed is a spacious storage area with a large slide tray that’s accessible from outside on either sides.

Under the dinette is more storage space also accessible from outside. A door on either end of the dinette and another long bottom door under the dinette in the inside provide more storage space that can serve as ‘linen’ area or ‘food’ pantry.

If you are looking for a nice, comfy trailer for a romatic camping trip for two, this is a great option. It’s also ideal if you have a small family preferably a family of four.

3. KZ Escape Mini Travel Trailer

The KZ Escape Mini is a travel trailer that combines comfort and functionality into a single unit. It has a basic floor plan and design but it’s a  very functional small travel trailer with a slide out.

The unit utilizes a gear driven slide out that consists of a roomy dinette. It’s quite spacious with a sizable tabletop and can transform easily into a restful sleep spot.

Cooking has been made easy with this KZ Escap Mini model as the kitchen area comes equipped with a two-burner stove, a convection microwave, a refrigerator and a deep single sink which is large enough for pan, pots or pitchers.

As far as kitchen amenitities are concerned, this trailer got you well covered. There’s even an overhead cabinet for storing several items plus the floothplan also feature a pantry.  

The sleeping area consists of a comfortable queen size bed with storage overhead. It’s a nice comfortable private space for resting after long day of adventure.

I also liked the bathroom of this unit and I’m sure you will like it too. It looks compact with a simple design but it has a foot-flush toilet, a tub-shower area, a vanit with sink and a counter space with storage below… holy cow! Ain’t that a complete bathroom you got there? What more can you ask?

The awning is another part that really stood out for me.  It’s a high tech awning with an LED lighting system on it that makes it very easy to have relaxing outdoor gatherings during the night.

Even much better, it has motion sensors such that when animal or somebody walks in, they turn on the light. It’s a nice addition that goes along way to enhance your security in the night.

4. Jayco Hummingbird

For a fun and easy Rving or camping experience, Jayco Hummingbird travel trailer with slide out is an option I find really worth checking out.

 It’s an ultra light travel trailer with a convenient but space-consientious design that allows you to quickly and easily adjust to the camp site no matter where you land.

One thing that stand out the most about this Jayco Hummingbird is that it has the largest slid out compared to its competitors.

It’s actually a dinette-refrigerator-microwave combo with the fridge and the microwave sitting next to the kitchen. In other words, it provides more utility and functionality than most other slide outs.

The kitchen on the rear is very spacious with enough room to move around. It’s a full kitchen with two-burner stove, sink , cooktop and the refrigerator and microwave next to it.

There cabinets with tripple pull-out drawers and other extra little outlets for appliances. On top that, you also get a pretty respectable pantry just opposite the dinette.

This Jayco trailer can accommodate three to four peope if close quarters isn’t a big deal. There is a queen-sized bed  that accommodate two people while the dinette has a free-floating table that can fold down to form a sleeping area where one or two people can rest.

The bathroom however is on the small side. It’s a wet bath, a combination of toilet, shower and sink. It’s pretty minimalist with no cabinets but you have a hot and cold outside shower.

The Hummingbird is really generous when it comes to storage. There’s a good, front storage space that’s accessible from the outside and more storage options under the dinette.

Inside the trailer, there are full overhead cabinets just above the dinette and more storage space on both ends of the dinette. In addition, you also get a closet and dresser storage with three pull-out drawers just beside the bed.

Generally, the Jayco Hummingbird is built to offer nothing but fun and simplicity as far as camping and Rving are concerned. If you don’t want a trailer with too much bells and whistle, then this is a great option to consider.  

5. Palomini 182SK Travel Trailer

While it has all the standard features and everything you may need to feel comfortable when on the road, the Palomini 182Sk offers a new kind of travel trailer experience that’s rather impressive. 

The first part that grabs your attention as soon as you get into the trailer is the spacious full-functional kitchen. It’s a slide out kitchen with a thoughtful layout that really takes into account how easy it is to move around in such a space.

It’s quite roomy and features all the necessary appliances to make cooking a delightful experience. It has a two-burner cooktop, microwave, sink and an RV fridge-freezer combo. There are also overhead cabinets above the sink for storage.

Next to the kitchen you have a simple booth dinette that accommodate around four people. It’s a simple, cozy space for taking your meals. Palomini has added more overhead cabinets in the dinette area, so bravo, you have more storage room for your items.

A huge difference in the floorplan of this Palomini trailer compared to the rest is the sleeping area. Instead of the usual east-west bed design, this one features a north-south queen bed.

The best part about this design is that you can walk around the bed as opposed to crawling over it all the time which is what happens with most trailer trailers in the market.

Furthermore, you have lots of overhead storage too with wardrobes just above the bed and right at the entrance of the door you got a cool closet with a few shelves.

It’s hard to find a closet section nowadays in most trailers, so it’s a good thing that the Palomini 182Sk features on.

The bathroom seemed to be a bit compact but, Oh gadzooks! I was surprised to find out that it had every essential thing you would want in a bathroom.

From the toilet, to the spacious shower, to the ample storage, it’s a full bathroom with also a sink and medicine cabinet included.

Finally, in addition to numerous storage options inside, the unit offers a decent storage space outside. There’s a pass through storage at the front that goes all the way fron one side to the other. It offers a sufficient space for your gear and other camping items.

This is certainly a good match for those looking for something different from the usual travel trailer floorplan. It offers great comfort.

6. Rockwood Geo Pro 19 FBS Travel Trailer

Combining  modern amenities with the standard camping necessities and all the conveniences of home into one environmentally friendly unit, the Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBS is a fun way to enjoy camping while supporting the environment in the process.

This eco friendly, modern trailer features a fairly-sized slideout that holds the dinitte which consists of a large couch with cupholders on either sides and a removable dining table that you can also hide behind the couch.

With the table out of the way, you have a huge floor space between the couch and the kitchen, enough space for people to move around which is a big plus.

Talking of the kitchen, it’s a well-designed full kitchen with everything you need to prepare meals just like when you at home. It has a 3 burner recessed cooktop with glass cover, a sink, and a microwave oven and a refrigerator just next to the door.

So, it’s a full packed kitchen with even overhead storage cabinrts above the cooktop and more below it with several drawers.

You will enjoy a good night sleep during those chilly nights as the unit comes with a comfortable RV quuen bed. It’s not as long as the traditional queen bed back at home but it’s pretty close.

To the left of the kitchen is a nice entertainment area with an LED TV which can give you a nice view from anywhere. Below the TV is a good-sized wardrobe cabinet, so you have a place where you can hang and store your clothes and all kinds of stuff.

Another area that I think was superbly designed is the bathroom. It’s a drybath complete with all the essenntials. It has a toilet, fairly-spacious shower stall, a sink and towel rack. In addition, it’s equipped with a medicine cabinet and more storage down below the sink.

One of the coolest thing though about this trailer is that it’s equipped with a flexible solar panel system mounted on the roof. You won’t experience power outtages a lot as it can power almost all the devices in the trailer including the lights.

You also got more storage options aside from the ones inside the unit. Towards the end of the trailer is enormous basement storage that’s underneath the bed. It goes all the away across the front of the trailer and can hold a lot of stuffs.

There are additional shelf storage space above the bed and three more cabinet storages above the couch with big long shelves. Therefore as far as, functionality, space and comfort are concerned, the Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBS got you well covered.

7. Keystone RV Passport 2400BH Ultra-Lite

The Keystone RV Passport ultra-lite is a trailer designed for families that love to go for camping trips. It’s designed to maximize efficiency yet still maintaining all of the conveniences of an RV but with more comfort, style, and more technology.

It’s a travel trailer that works great for families with kids and has everything you would need to feel like you are right at home.

The slide out of the unit houses the dinette which consists of a large, oversized, u-shaped booth and table that can break down into additional accomodations.

Just opposite the dinette is a very spacious full kitchen area. This is one of the largest kitchen I’ve seen in a travel trailer and, oh dear, it’s so impressive. It has a fairly large countertop with double-basin sink, three-burner cooktop with an oven, a microwave oven and a refrigerator with freezer.

That’s a complete kitchen that should allow you prepare any home-based meal you want while out camping. Besides all these, the kitchen is also equipped with lots of overhead cabinet space abover the countertop and additional more below. 

Keystone has also included a nice, oversized pantry next to the dinette for storage of your food stuffs. So, as far as kitchen storage is concerned, this unit has sufficient space to store enough food for the entire familiy.

The best part is that it even comes with an outside camp kitchen featuring a refrigerator, a sink and two-burner range with fold out counter tops.

That’s a great additional feature that takes your camping experience to a whole another level and it’s something you would only find in very few trailers.

Just next to the door entrance is a spacious bedroom area with a sliding door. This is one of the little details that makes this camper a great choice for families as it gives you complete privacy.  There’s a queen-sized bed inside that has a large wardrobe with mirrored fronts on either sides.

Like the Palomini 182K trailer above, the bed of this Keystone trailer is positioned north to south hence you can walk on either sides and access the wardrobes. There are also losts of storage underneath the bed as well as above it.

Finally, the bathroom. This one too is an equally spacious room. It offers a bit more floor space than the bathrooms of most other trailers and comes with all the bathroom essentials.  

It comes complete with a foot flushable commode, a large corner shower with a bathtub, a single basin sink, a nbice-sized vanity with storage underneath and a medicine cabinet with a mirror. It’s a full packaged bathroom.

One additional thing that can’t go unmentioned is that this trailer features an extra room or rather, oversized bunks with storage underneath. It’s a rare feature but one that I am sure you will appreciate especially if you go camping with family most of the time.


Having a good small travel trailer with slide out is an ideal way to ensure a fun and comfortable camping adventure deep in the forest or national parks.

Based on quality, floor plan layouts, features, towability, and space, the 7 small travel trailers with slide out we’ve listed here really stand out.

Althought there are hundreds of other options out there, these 7 trailers seem to offer much more and are they well balanced in terms of comfort, functionality and towability.

Therefore, if you were thinking of investing in a travel trailer, then I would recommend you take your exact needs into consideration and pick the one that really addresses them.